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Naha Kukkar's former boyfriend turned back

Naha Kukkar's former boyfriend turned back
Naha Kukkar's former boyfriend turned back

Bollywood actor Himang Kohli, who has been in the industry for the film 'Yehari', which produced the T-series. But after spending time with the musician Neha Kukkar, she came in the light of the campaign.

After breaking bitterly about Bollywood song superstar Neha Kukkar and actor Himath Kohli, there is a separation. Recalling that, Neha broke the tears in the dance reality show. The fans of this musician can not accept their separation even today. In the social media, the devotees of Nehru made negative comments about the Kohlike.

However, for a long time, Himam Kohli did not get the title. Now it is known about his upcoming project. The actor is returning to the industry with a music video titled 'Tera Shehar'. His companion Piya Vajpayee in the upcoming song

In a statement, Himam Kohli said, "I am a devout fan of Shah Rukh Khan and a great fan of his work. When the shoot was going on, it seemed as though I was in the role of the picture. This is a brand new experience for me.

'There was a slight snowfall during shooting. Just had to wear T-shirts. Although it was very challenging, I have enjoyed every moment, "added Kohli. The music video is filmed in many famous places in Armenia.

Mohammad Kalam gave a voice to the song Amal Malik has made the tone. Written by Manoj Muntasir

It is heard that Himang Kohli is going to take part in the 13th season of Big Bash, popular and controversial TV reality show performed by superstar Salman Khan. Although the announcement has not yet been officially announced. Himmat is seen in the latest Neha Kukkar's music video 'Oh Humshafar'.

Neha Kokkar and Himang Kohli have announced their love for the song's reality show Indian Idol in the tenth season. There was a buzz, they would soon sit in a marriage punt. But they were separated after a few months. After that Neha had passed a difficult time in life and said that he was suffering from depression after bitter separation.

After the separation, fans of Neha got angry. They criticized Kohli in the social media. They even called him a "deceiver". Of course, Neha stopped his fans. He said, they should not notice the Himang Kohli. He did not cheat with her. After a few live concerts and songs, Kohli remembered Kohli's tears and broke into tears.

In an interview after the separation, Neha said that after the breakup, there was no other reason to be involved. He is well alone

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